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Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC review

It's that time of year when a power bank should top everyone’s gadget wishlist. Whether you’ll be spending several hours attempting to keep yourself or the kids entertained as you jet off somewhere hot, or getting washed away at a festival hoping to glean some comfort from trusty smartphone, a power bank is essential for keeping your devices going away from the mains. Also see: Best power banks 2017

We review all sorts of power banks (for example: GOAL ZERO VENTURE 30 SOLAR KIT ) and while you might imagine there’s not a lot of difference between them you’d be surprised. It’s not just their capacity or how many times you can charge your phone that is important: you should also consider such things as how many devices you can charge at once, how quickly they can refill their batteries or how quickly they can refill your phone, whether they are big and bulky or light and pocketable, and so on (we cover all these things in our power banks buying advice).

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So many of the power banks we see are basic, no-frills devices from companies you’ve never heard of, but they’re sold cheap on Amazon and they’re functional, which makes them appealing. See all power bank reviews

This Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC tells a completely different story. For a start, Anker is one of the better-known brands in charging tech, which gives that feeling of reassurance you require when buying a gadget online (plus it comes with an 18-month warranty).

But that name won’t mean digging deeper into your pocket - right now you can grab this Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC from Amazon UK for just £25.99, and that’s very good value. (For US customers it’s available for $35.99 at

This is a recently upgraded version of the PowerCore 10000 - previously PowerCore 10000, now PowerCore Speed 10000 QC, which is indicated by the blue-plastic-pronged full-size USB port. The main difference is its inclusion of Voltage Boost technology, alongside Quick Charge 3.0 and PowerIQ. When combined the three technologies ensure that a connected device is charged in the shortest time possible.

This new version also comes with a mesh carry case, which its predecessor did not.

The PowerCore is also one of the few power banks we’ve reviewed to catch our attention as soon as it arrived on our desk (the Zendure A2 is another of our favourites). As a 10,000mAh power bank, we expected it to be significantly larger - Anker says it’s 27 percent smaller than comparable battery packs. Just 100x63x22mm the PowerCore is smaller even than Xiaomi’s impressive 10,000mAh bank. It’s sufficiently light, too, at 198g.

The design is arguably basic, but a power bank is a functional- rather than showy device. With its matt black rectangular design, tough plastic casing and smooth rounded corners, this battery will fit comfortably in the hand or in a pocket, then keep out the way and quietly get on with its job. You’ll find four LEDs on top of the device to show how much juice remains (press the button on the side to activate this), and a single Micro-USB input and single USB output on one end. Also see: Best MiFi 2017.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support means that if you have a compatible smartphone (typically flagships from 2016 or 2017) then you can benefit from insanely fast charging - up to four times faster than a conventional phone charger. QC3 is backward-compatible with QC2 and QC1, while the more recent QC4 is also backward-compatible with QC3, but even if you don’t have a Quick Charge-compatible phone or tablet this output is a fast 2.4A (12W). Also see: What is Quick Charge 3.0?

Refilling the power bank is fast, too, at 2A (10W), but unfortunately there’s no support for passthrough charging, which Anker has disabled because it can have a detrimental effect on the internal battery cells of the power bank. This means you won’t be able to simultaneously charge your phone and the power bank from a single mains outlet, which will be less of a concern when you’re at home but more of an issue if you’re staying in a hotel room with limited wall sockets (or limited travel adaptors).

You should expect between 60- and 70 percent efficiency from the Anker PowerCore 10000, which means there is 6,000- to 7,000mAh of usable power for charging your devices. Anker says the PowerCore offers up to four full charges, and that is certainly true if you own an iPhone or a low-end Android. If you have a device with Quick Charge 3.0 support it’s far more likely to be a flagship Android, however, with somewhere around 3,000mAh battery capacity. If this is the case you should expect only two full charges from the PowerCore - although still two very useful charges when you’re away from home. Also see: How to improve smartphone battery life.

The Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC supports auto-on, which means you simply plug in your phone or tablet and it will begin to charge. It’s incredibly fast and portable, and right now very attractively priced. Other features - such as waterproofing, an LCD screen, passthrough charging and even basics such as a flashlight - are missing, but don’t let that put you off what is a great gadget for the upcoming festival- and holiday season.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Can You Do About Existing Ice Dams?

If it's the middle of the winter and you have ice dams or through past experience, you think they'll be forming soon there are some steps you can take. To start with, should don't have experience climbing on roofers New York in summer time months, especially with snow on it, then don't do it! Call a pro. What you can do is visit the local hardware store and purchase a snow rake that has an extendable handle made to pull snow off of the first few feet of the New York roofer and attempt to pull a number of that snow off, from the floor, until it has a chance to melt and refreeze along the New York roofing edges. You can also do this when the ice dam has formed and kept it from getting any bigger and give it an opportunity to melt, ideally.
roofers new york

Also, many roofing contractor NYC, us included, perform through the winter and frequently provide roofing company NYC snow removal services in addition to their typical commercial roofing NYC services. This is a service we're delighted to provide for our clients here in Massachusetts, for example. Again, please do not attempt to do this yourself. Between Arctic ladders and slippery roofing contractors NYC surfaces, it is a recipe for disaster for the inexperienced.

Additionally, there are some products on the marketplace which could assist in preventing ice dams before they shape and melting them if they've already formed. You should be able to find a house improvement store in the area that sells a product that is basically a coated, heated wire that you fasten along the borders of the NYC roofing contractors and then plugs in when the conditions are appropriate for your ice dams to form (see picture on right). These actually work fairly good, however, they are not solving the real issue which, clearly, is insulation and ventilation issues. They may be right for some houses in some circumstances though.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Roofing Installation and Services

Roof repair Bronx NY covering installation and construction

The roof repair Bronx design is usually called "roofing contractors Bronx NY" rather than without cause - certainly, any roofing Bronx includes several aspects, which, sort of stratifying on each other, develop powerful safeguard for a property. Each of coating building is levels works a unique selected purpose, whether that be moisture-prevention, noise insulation, or defense against heat damage. During Bronx roofing contractors  installation, it's crucial that you pay particular awareness of the sequence of coats so that you can assure users of the capabilities. Basic aspects are:

- moist-proof membrane and steam sealing pellicle;

- warmth-preserving lagging;

- protection against the wind;

- roof-boarding substance;

- ventilation layout;

- other components.

concrete sidewalk repair

Roof installation indicates design of this kind of "curry", which at the final stage is covered with cladding or thatching, and, if necessary, is coated. Content selection to obtain the specified hermeticity and toughness is carried out with due regard to weather qualities, building situation and new peculiarities, roofing Bronx NY framework (flat or pitched). Additionally, it is very important to contemplate level of loadings required by ideal, winding and other atmospheric phenomena.

Construction of level-deck and prepared homes, other Bronx roofing company routines need distinct strategies, gear and proper understanding of contractors. Let's take a detailed look at different homes' specificities, and concentrate on such crucial operational features as repairing, preservation and mounting of rainwater systems.

Top features of flat roofing contractors in Bronx New York installation

Level roofers Bronx with a slope less than 2.5 levels are established through blend-bonded reel-fed resources or polymeric membranes. These things are made specifically for terraced-roof choice, customized in light of its page, that offers them utmost protection against weathering, ultraviolet coverage, etc. Building explained resources is attained by welding sheets of move structure brick pointing contractors using hot air. Numerous mystics let reaching waterproof membrane's ideal impermeability.

Construction of membranous brickwork pointing contractors is performed by attaching the material to roofing's screed; membrane sheets are fixed between one another by a hot-air welding technique. Extruded heat retainers, mineral wool stringent insulants, and enhanced materials are applied for smooth-patio homes' winterization. Installation systems and warm this alternative are determined by concrete sidewalk repair form and hundreds depth about it.

Frequency roof installation notes

Pitched cement sidewalk with a pitch of above 8-12 levels are protected with various sidewalk violation, among that the most common are clay concrete sidewalk shingles, steel tile, profiled sheeting, variable bituminous shingle, and concrete sand tiles. Generally selection of ideal alternative id motivated by consumer's individual preferences and measurement of budget designated for housetop arrangement.

Corrugated sheets and metal tiles are fitted by laying on latching and attaching with specific self-positioning screws. Collapsed addressing construction involves the use of specialized gear, where galvanized steel sheets are fused in joints (single or dual). Variable bitumen tiles are put on NYC sidewalk violation substructure, that will be preliminary required to be carefully prepared - washed and dried. Growing flexible bitumen dishes is accomplished overlapping or on self-adhesive tile level (using circumstances - road layer substance), or by way of claws. Species of a state are installed on organized lathwork; tiles are connected using declaring fingernails with rubber gasket and anticorrosion hat. Slots for claws in sheets of stone are drilled beforehand. Thermal insulation of prepared cement sidewalk repair, meaning the presence of loft (or mansard), is made utilizing fiberglass or spring-centered materials having a density from 35 to 125 kg / cubic meter. Depending on whether attic or mansard is likely to be arranged, heaters are connected across the slope or on ceiling piece respectively. Qualitative performing of works on roofing weatherization can substantially reduce electricity consumption for warming and improve the consistency of the whole roof structure.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How Green Power Can Benefit Both Small Retailers and the Environment

You've bought compact fluorescent light bulbs for your store, offer reusable shopping bags and stock your shelves with eco-friendly products. What else can you do to show your commitment to the environment?

Consider switching to green power. While the upfront costs of green energy can be substantial, the investment can pay off in lower energy costs down the road.

The first step is to decide on the type of alternative energy program. There are a variety of ways you can reduce your store's use of traditional energy sources, such as coal and gas, or compensate for some of the carbon emissions they generate. The most clear-cut approach is to install power generators (for example Goal Zero Yeti 400 ) , such as solar panels or a wind turbine, at your store. You also could buy energy from a utility that commits to obtaining some or all of your power from green sources.

Then there's the option of purchasing renewable energy credits for wind, solar, biomass and other alternative power projects. You don't use the renewable energy yourself, but your purchase helps America develop green-energy resources and reduce the use of traditional power sources.

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Here are some tips from other retailers, both big and small, for how to start moving to green power:

Install your own green energy source. An on-premise power source reduces utility bills and shows customers your commitment to cutting carbon emissions.

While solar is the most common choice, it won't work for stores in rainy climates or areas blanketed by trees. For instance, Brian Great, owner of The Great Escape restaurant in Schiller Park, Ill. found solar wasn't a good fit for his site, which adjoins a forested area. Instead, he installed a parking-lot wind turbine. He spent $315,000 on the turbine, which now provides between 50 percent and 70 percent of the restaurant's power, and expects the investment to pay for itself within 10 years. Because of the wind turbine, Great estimates that 200 fewer metric tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air each year.

Some large retailers use multiple sources of green power. For example, Whole Foods Market uses rooftop solar panels, as well as fuel-cell technology and a power unit fueled by cooking oil waste. You may think your landlord won't allow such technology, but Whole Foods has found many of its landlords receptive to its requests to install solar panels, says Kathy Loftus, who oversees the company's energy program.

Seek financial help. Be sure to investigate possible state or federal financial assistance, which is usually available through programs of varying duration. Great says he received a 30 percent federal rebate through a short-term federal rebate program for his wind turbine that refunded more than $100,000 of the $315,000 price tag.

Work with an energy producer. Many utilities are moving to diversify and provide more green energy, making it easier for retailers to plug into a cleaner power source.

At Clark's Market, a grocery chain based in Aspen, Colo., owner Tom Clark connected with the Clean Energy Collective (CEC), an alternative-energy producer in Carbondale, Colo., that is hooked up to Clark's local energy grid. Clark's paid to add 40 solar panels to CEC's large, existing solar array. Now, energy from the CEC solar panels is delivered to the stores through Clark's existing utility.

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Capitalize on the promotional power of clean energy. Green energy can provide marketing, as well as environmental, benefits. Great says his eye-catching wind turbine, with its 32-foot blades, has garnered free publicity for his restaurant. "It's a heck of a lawn ornament," he says. "We've been on all the TV stations, and school kids come out here on buses on field trips to learn about the environment."

PrAna, a maker and retailer of yoga and outdoor clothing, purchases renewable energy credits that fund wind-power projects because wind fits the company brand. "Prana" means "breath" in Sanskrit, according to Nicole Bassett, the company's sustainability director. "It was really smart," she says, "because of how it ties into our marketing and our branding." Starting in 2005, the company began a public education media campaign, positioning prAna as an "ambassador" for wind power and noting the environmental impact of its wind-power purchases.

Start small. Whatever approach you take to investing in green energy, it's best to begin slowly with a test program or pilot project. For instance, when the Kohl's department store chain started buying renewable energy credits in 2007 to offset its use of non-renewable power, it purchased only enough to offset 8 percent of its energy use. By 2010, the company had ramped that up to 100 percent. Starting small gives you a chance to try out the organizations that produce energy or sell credits and determine if a program if a good fit for your budget and your environmental goals.

Check credentials. If you're shopping for renewable energy credits, also make sure you buy from a reliable provider certified by the consumer watchdog program Green-e, says prAna's Bassett. Some providers of the credits didn't invest in green projects or double-sold the credits of a single plant's output, she says. She recommends two reputable providers: 3Degrees and Bonneville Power Foundation.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fancy owning a vintage watch belonging to Mark Knopfler? Here's your chance

A pair of luxury watches owned and signed by a Geordie rock legend are to go under the hammer to raise cash for a children’s charity.

Mark Knopfler has donated two of his own watches to be auctioned off in aid of Bravehearts of the North East.

The former Dire Straits frontman has also teamed up with renowned horologist Michael English and signed a further four vintage or limited edition watches.

Mark, who grew up on Tyneside, is the patron of the children’s charity, which was founded in the North East to recognise the exceptional courage shown by children who are battling illness or adversity.

Started in 1989, Bravehearts of the North East is a channel for parents, nurses, friends and family of brave children to nominate them to be recognised and rewarded with a Bravehearts crystal and a gift of their choice.

Judges receive a flood of applications each year for children between the ages of five and 15 to become a Braveheart.

Annual fundraising events, and support from sponsors and volunteers, means that every penny raised by the charity goes directly to the deserving children.

The auctions for the watches, which are detailed below, are on eBay until March 26.

1. TAG Heuer Kirium chronograph. This is Mark’s personal property and will come with a TAG Heuer box signed by Mark.

2. IWC vintage watch. This again is Mark’s personal watch. The watch will be auctioned with a signed strap.

3. Lum-Tec watch. Limited edition number 1 of 50. The strap signed by Mark.

4. Lemania vintage military watch. The strap signed by Mark.

5. Hamilton vintage General service military type watch. The strap signed by Mark.

6. Hamilton vintage military watch. The strap signed by Mark.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Is Your Content Marketing Designed for the New Customer Journey?

Is Your Content Marketing Designed for the New Customer Journey?

Thanks to the rise of the internet, the explosion of social media and the development of mobile technologies to feed these two innovations, the customer buying journey has become much more self-directed. According to a Forrester, 74% of business buyers say they conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase.

As a result, content marketing has emerged as an incredibly effective way to arm consumers with the information they seek and need, increase brand awareness, enhance engagement, and ultimately inspire action and conversions.

But content marketing isn’t about creating and sharing as much content as possible. It’s about creating quality content that allows you to be the best answer, whenever and wherever your audience is searching. And understanding today’s customer journey will be paramount to your content marketing success. Below is a great illustration from Forrester on the many intricacies that journey can entail. As you can see, it’s not an easy, neat sales funnel these days.

Photo Credit: Forrester
The bottom line? Your content marketing efforts have to be optimized in a way that allows you to reach your customers and prospects at multiple touch points during their journey.

5 Email Marketing Platforms for the Modern Marketer

5 Email Marketing Platforms for the Modern Marketer

Email marketing has stood the test of time. The first email marketing campaign was sent in the 1970’s and the early 1990’s saw the first mobile email experience. No matter how many new tactics come on the market, email is still a strong force.

In fact, recent research has found that email marketing is 40% more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter. While most brands have not abandon email marketing completely, it’s taken a backseat to flashier advancements in digital marketing.

But the numbers don’t lie, email marketing can still be an incredibly successful digital marketing tactic, if executed correctly. Part of developing a successful email marketing strategy means having the right tools in your arsenal. This post covers 10 different email marketing tools (in no particular order) that can help you take your email marketing from good to great.


This email platform enables brands to deliver automated emails that are uber relevant, based on customer behavior. Everything about Emma is focused on creating a personal and customized experience for readers through the use of segment builders. Additionally, their drag and drop editor and HTML builder offers options for organizations large and small.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Working Together in Perfect Harmony: Digital Advertising + Content Marketing

Working Together in Perfect Harmony: Digital Advertising + Content Marketing

Content marketing has emerged as an incredibly effective way to arm consumers with the information they seek and need, increase brand awareness, enhance engagement, and ultimately inspire action and conversions.  Lee Odden likes to say:

“Content isn’t King. It’s the Kingdom.”

But the kingdom is crowded. According to Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProf’s 2016 benchmark reports, 88% of B2B marketers and 76% of B2C marketers say they use content marketing.

With so many marketers in the content marketing game—many of them creating and publishing new content daily—competition is stiff. In addition, evolving algorithms for social media news feeds and search engine results make it even more difficult to get the right eyeballs on your content.

So, what’s the solution? How can you get that great content you’re creating in front of your target audience?